Samantha Sidley American Idol Winner

Samantha Sidley may just be the next American Idol winner. Yes, I’ve said that before and not too long ago as a matter of fact. And, it’s no secret that I’m prone to predictions and prognostications, so here is another one.

I believe that Samantha Sidley will be in the Top 5 finalists with Kristy Lee Cook (who I predicted two weeks ago was in it to win it as they say). The shy Samantha Sidley stood on stage, jonesing a bit as she was ready to sing the daylights out of a Nora Jones song, “I Don’t Know Why.”

She garnered the first ever four yeses from the judges (including Ryan Seacrest). Paula and Ryan did the old switcharoonie, which may have thrown off Sam Sidley just a bit. The 22-year-old Samantha Sidley was timid (to say the least) but endearing onstage and has the likeability factor that Melinda Doolittle had just last season.

Samantha Sidley is a native to Los Angeles and has jazz background as she was named as a California State Arts Scholar for her vocal performances. Samantha has also appeared at the Monterey Jazz Festival and Down Beat magazine gave her an award for being a top high school jazz vocalist.

If she can calm her nerves and keep the jazz flowing, Samantha Sidley will be a force to be reckoned with throughout the American Idol competition.

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